Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

About us

Get to know the Sunclimbing family

Founders & Business Partners

We met about 15 years ago, while Magx was visiting Geyikbayiri for one of the first times. The love for climbing, the area, and the people pushed her to come back as often as possible.

Metin, a professional climber and certified scuba diver had already envisioned his own climbing and outdoor center for quite a while. Over the years our friendship became closer and closer and the idea of building a climbing center together grew more and more in our minds. But because of Covid, it took us another 3 years to finally fulfill our dreams.

Today, we can not only live our passion, but we also have a wonderful place to spend time with all the people sharing our passion. Join us in exchanging knowledge, attending courses, buying or renting equipment, and getting to know climbing if you have never tried it before.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you!

MAGX BECKER & METIN YILMAZ Founders & Business Partners


We are very proud to present our Sunclimbing family. We see each other not only as a team but also as a family that looks out for each other and sticks together.

And the family is growing day by day.

Metin Yilmaz

I started mountaineering in 1995 and sport climbing in 2000, when I …

Magx Becker

I am the mother of three grown children, passionate cook and alpine …

Arda Poslu

I have been climbing since 2014, and when I started, I was still in university …

Deniz Ozisitmez

I met climbing in the UK in 2018 when I was studying there in Lancaster …

Osman Yavuz

My name is Osman, I am a climber and civil engineer but climbing comes first since 2015.

Burak Serter

I have started climbing in 2006 and my climbing journey …

Zorbey Aktuyun

My name is Zorbey and I started climbing back in 2000 and never quit …

Kenan Temeltaşi

I was born in Antalya, a city that is surrounded with beautiful rocks to climb …

Stephanie Roas

Travelling is my passion, meeting new people and discovering …

Lukas Baur

I have been a passionate climber for a very long time. As I grew up in Austria …

Roland Kässmaier

Roland is a passionate climber, helping wherever you need a hand …

Rolf Goldstein

I, Rolf, based in the mountains close to Munich, Germany, am a sports enthusiast …

Christina Bauer

I am Chrisi. Grown up in a village in Bavaria, living in Munich city, and forever at home outside. …

Burcu Kalkan

I am Burcu and have been living in Vorarlberg/Austria for about 8 years.


Markus had the most demanding job of all: he had to bear the responsibility!

He is not only an engineer and entrepreneur from Liechtenstein, a very very small country between Austria and Switzerland, but has always been a visionary who has supported many good ideas immediately. For him, it is never about any financial return but always about the people who can make their dreams come true.

A huge thanks to Markus to make OUR BIG DREAM come true!

The Sunclimbing Vibes

Why to choose Sunclimbing?

There are many reasons why to chose sunclimbing, but here are the most important:

  • we are open all year round
  • we offer courses in all technical levels of climbing, just choose your new challenge
  • we are located in the heart of the climbing area, just short walks to happiness!
  • we are trained according to ÖAV standards (Austrian Alpine Club)
  • we host the Austrian Alpine Club section Geyikbayiri and can offer you membership
  • we only use high-quality material, that we control regularly (according to PPE standards)
  • we are very flexibel in what we do and can respond to your wishes
  • we love what we do because we are climbers with all our hearts and will share that love with you