Better safe than sorry

Fall training on the rock

Fall training on the rock (1/2 day)

Another focus of our program is fall training on the rocks. In realistic scenarios, participants learn how to manage falls safely and in a controlled manner.

The fall training includes:

  • Simulated falls: Targeted exercises in which participants complete controlled falls from different heights and positions to get a feel for the dynamics of a fall.
  • Fall prevention techniques: Teaching techniques and behaviours that help to minimize the risk of a fall.
  • Self-rescue techniques: Methods for self-rescue after a fall, including safe rappelling and use of protective equipment for self-help.
  • Team coordination: Exercises in effective communication and teamwork in order to be able to act quickly and safely in an emergency.

Our training programs are led by experienced and certified trainers who provide participants with expert knowledge and practical tips. With a strong focus on safety and hands-on learning, we offer climbers the best conditions to improve their skills and act safely in different situations. Whether beginner or advanced, our courses are designed to give every climber the knowledge and skills they need to climb safely and confidently.


DAY 1 (3-4 hours)

  • Controlled fall into the rope
  • Uncontrolled fall into the rope
  • Correct posture of the climber when falling
  • Correct behavior of the belayer
  • Body dynamic belay
  • Weight differences and how to manage them (e.G. using the “OHM”)
  • “Reading” of the rock to avoid injuries


Number of people booking at the
same time/as a group
1/2 day
1 person100,00 € p.p.
2 people90,00 € p.p.
3 people80,00 € p.p.
from 4 people65,00 € p.p.
All prices are per person and in Euro.

What’s included

Sunclimbing provides all the necessary climbing materials such as harnesses, ropes, express slings, belay devices and helmets. Climbing shoes can be rented on site if needed.

Of course we will share as much climbing knowledge with as you want. No question should remain unanswered and we will help you as much as we can.

We will take great climbing pictures of you and the group during the climbing day. At the end of the day these can be taken away as a souvenir.

What’s not included

Climbing shoes can be rented at Sunclimbing if needed.

Travel to Geyikbayiri (Antalya, Turkey) and to Sunclimbing must be organized by yourself.

We can also offer a packed lunch at a price of 8,00 €. Please let us know when booking the course.

How to book

Please note: Our course calendar booking will be activated soon, until then please contact us directly for reservations or bookings.