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Visit our Sunclimbing base for climbing material, information – and good coffee!

All you need for your climbing day

Not only is the Sunclimbing base the heart and meeting point of all our activities, but it is also our shop, our service center, and the place to have coffee or some snacks with friends when needing a break.

Our staff is friendly as hell, don’t hesitate to ask them all about the area, climbing sectors, the climbing products or for more coffee, please. 🙂

We are a small but fine store, so we don’t always have every version, color, or size in stock. Please come by our store to find out the daily offers – or give us a quick call!

Business hours:
Our shop is currently closed, but guiding and courses are offered. Contact us via phone, What’s App or email. 🙂

You don’t want to buy but rent material? No problem, please check out our rental section.

What you can find in our store:


available in different brands and sizes

from 60 €


available in different brands, colors and sizes

from 90,00 €


available in different brands and sizes

from 75,00 €


available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 meters length

from 155,00 €


available in different brands

from 25,00 €

Locking Carabiner

available in different brands and colors

from 16,00 €

Jul 2 Belaying Device

70 €

Mega Jul Belaying Device

42 €

Micro Jul Belay

38,00 €

Giga Jul Belay

on request

Grigri/Grigri + Belay

from 110,00 €


assisted breaking device

125,00 €

Beta Stick

from 100,00 €

Safety Slings

available in different lenghts

from 9,50 €


different brands and forms

from 10,00 €

Chalk Bags

available in different brands, sizes, and colors

from 20,00 €

Belay Glasses

from 72,00 €

Head Lamps

from 72,00 €

Training gear

from 4,00 €

Climbing Pants

different colors and sizes

from 110,00 €


tape, belts, lotion, brushes and much more

from 4,00 €

Sunclimbing T-Shirts

different colors and sizes

28,00 €

Guide Book Antalya

This is the latest rock climbing guide for the Antalya region. 10,00 € are donated towards the development and maintenance of the climbing area.

40,00 €

Climbing Guides

for other climbing areas in Turkey

from 15,00 €