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Our Partners

Our network of strong partners allows us to offer you a great climbing experience 

Yüksekte Güvenli Çözümler (YGC) is the exclusive distributor of PETZL and ARVA Snow Safety Equipments in Türkiye.

YGC team as we’re the people who still have a strong background of climbing & mountaineering. As climbers we proudly support “climbing” in Turkiye and are the main sponsor of the Project; “Bolting Antalya”

MİRA, provides professional services combining the rope access and work at height skills with engineering and technician skills.

MİRA, is member of both SPRAT (Society of Professionel Rope Access Technicians) and IRATA International (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) as Operational and Training Provider company.

MİRA, is proud of being the only official HACA Training Center, the only official Avanti Inspection Center and the only Protecttion Inspection and Training Center of Turkey, the Inspection Center of PSA, TSL Training Center, Tuf- Tug Turkey Representative, Skylotec Dealer, Petzl Dealer and Distributer of Edelrid ve Red Chili.

MİRA, incorporates Turkey’s most experienced and skilled, internationally certified (SPRAT, IRATA, GWO) technicians and offers inspection, maintenance, repair, installation and cleaning services, and trainings in accordance with the global regulations.

Climbing is in our genes, whether at the crag, in the gym, in snow and ice, in trees, or at industrial structures. For 160 years, we have believed that it is important to push boundaries, remain inquisitive and share the joy of our vertical world.

That’s why we are constantly developing our products and solutions, from climbing equipment in mountain sports and indoor climbing to personal protective equipment (PPE) for professional applications.

We want every user of an EDELRID product to have the pleasure and freedom of moving vertically. This is where our history, our expertise, and our passion for the future lie.

On behalf of climbers, Bolting Antalya is dedicated to conserve the climbing areas in the Antalya Region and maintain access to them. Our work is to directly improve the climbing environment and allowing greater enjoyment of the sport. With your support, we supply new route gear, rebolt existing routes, improve trails, clean crags and engage with local politics to ensure your favorite crag stays accessible.

Bolting Antalya is a team of Antalya-based climbers. The team works together with all volunteers from Antalya and outside. We are working together with other groups and initiatives and interact with local and provincial government and the private sector on behalf of climbers. 

Sunclimbing supports Bolting Antalya and so we hope do our clients. Do do so we put up a donation box in our shop.

Smart products for vertical sports

YY Vertical has been bringing comfort to climbers since 2013 by offering them well thought-out products. From belay glasses to climbing hangboards, our products have proven themselves on the market.

Our goal is to support climbers from A to Z in their practice (Warm-up, training, climbing, recovery, climbing universe).

The K1 Kletterverein (climbing club) is based in Dornbirn, Austria. It has set itself the goal of spreading the passion for climbing by teaching it, especially to children.
The association, whose activities are non-profit-making, offers courses and workshops on topics such as training and safety in climbing, prevention of accidents in sport climbing, but also training in all aspects of climbing, especially for young climbers. The promotion of climbing is important to us and we are happy to share our knowledge in other regions. We create and coordinate training programmes, promote fellowship with other associations, organise climbing competitions and promote the experience of nature.

Inspired during a volunteer year in Kenya, JUA then became a family idea. After the whole family became involved at the beginning, the two brothers, Mathias & Philipp, now take care of the entire business: fabric purchasing, production, order processing and bookkeeping. From time to time, mum, Eva, helps with shipping. Step-by-step, things are moving forward – and don’t worry there are plenty more ideas for the future!

Our products are more than the sum of its parts. Every step, no matter how small, is important to the entity. We value each and every one of our employees and strive to create the best possible working environment them. We think that every job should be fairly paid. Wage dumping, exploitation and time pressure are no basis for Fairtrade cooperation. We want a lasting cooperation from which everyone can benefit.

The Alpine Club Vorarlberg was founded on December 1, 1869. In total, the Alpine Club in Vorarlberg has about 31,000 members. Hundreds of volunteers support our association.

The purpose of the association is to promote and maintain mountaineering, alpine sports and hiking. The Alpine Club is not only a focal point for mountain sports and tourism, but since its founding years, its core concerns have also included the interests of nature conservation and environmental protection.

It is very gratifying that the Alpine Club Vorarlberg is growing steadily. In this regard we also see a strong obligation to actively advocate for the harmony of nature and man.

At the end of the 80s, I came into contact with the then still young sport climbing – and it caught me like an addiction.

In the mid-90s, I came across climbing cartoons in Claret, southern France, and knew: this is mine! I immediately had my own ideas at the start. I had tasted blood, I wanted more! Drawing climbing comics and reaching an audience with them was fabulous! Since 2003 I work entirely as a freelance artist.