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Rental Material

Our rental material is always state of the art and we renew all parts as soon as necessary. We do have a strong partnership with EDELRID / MIRA, a Germany-based company founded in 1863, providing us with the newest and best climbing material they have. But of course, we also rent other brands such as Petzl. Personal fall protection equipment such as climbing gear (PPE) has to meet high requirements as it is intended to protect lives. This means that such equipment must be regularly inspected in addition to proper production and use. We have successfully passed the PPE inspection course and we make sure that you will always get checked material.

Please take care while using it, all other climbers will thank you!

Please find all available rental materials as well as our rental conditions below:


different sizes

8,00 € per day

Quickdraw set

18 quickdraws

15,00 € per day


60 meters

10,00 € per day


70 meters

15,00 € per day


80 meters

20,00 € per day

ATC Belay Device

with locking carabiner

5,00 € per day

Jul II Belay Device

with locking carabiner

5,00 € per day

Mega Jul Belay Device

with locking carabiner

7,50 € per day

Giga Jul Belay Device

with locking carabiner

7,50 € per day

Grigri Belay Device

with locking carabiner

7,50 € per day

Chalk Bag

with chalk

1,00 € per day

Safety Sling

with small carabiner

2,50 € per day


locking carabiners

1,50 € per day


available in different sizes

4,50 € per day


available in different sizes

7,50 € per day


assisted breaking device

7,50 € per day

Set 1 person

complete set: helmet, belt with stand leash, belay device, 15 quick draws, carabiners, slings, climbing shoes, climbing rope 80m and a rope bag

45,00 € per day
additional day: 20,00 €

Partner Set

Gear set: Helmet, Harness, Chalk bag & Climbing shoes

15,00 € per day

Guide Book

This is the latest rock climbing guidebook for the Antalya area. 10,00 € are donated towards the development and maintenance of the climbing area.

40,00 €

Sunclimbing’s rental conditions

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Our rental conditions and prices

Please find our rental conditions and the price overview of the available material here.