Arda Poslu

What I do at Sunclimbing: Certified climbing instructor (all levels; certified by the Austrian Alpine Club), stock manager

Languages: Turkish, English

I have been climbing since 2014, and when I started, I was still in university, studying mechanical engineering. I started my journey with short trekking and canyoning, but then I discovered rock climbing. This changed my story entirely, and I climbed at so many places in Turkey and some European countries.

After a couple of years, I started to work as an assistant to the trainer in my mountaineer club in Izmir. Today, I am a trainer of the Turkish Mountaineer Federation and a certified climbing instructor by the Austrian Alpine Club.

During this time, another door opened in my life as I understand and help people out when they are stuck physically and psychologically.

Climbing means not just rising from the ground to the top. It is a physical and a psychological thing. Climbing is a journey, and this journey gives you whatever you need and what is missing in your life. Climbing fills any gap in your life. If you want it, climbing gives it to you!

Also, I am representing EDELRID in Turkey as a member of the Edelrid athlete team.