Arda Poslu

I started climbing about 10 years ago and I have tried to continue without a break until now. I started climbing at university. In those days, I was just climbing, but a few years later I started working as an instructor’s assistant. And after a while I made being an instructor a profession. So far, I have trained climbers of different levels for over 200 days.

Before I started bolting I watched a lot of bolters. And despite my neck pain, I learned a lot. I had a few attempts in Izmir but I really started bolting in Geyikbayiri. Although I have a lot to learn, I primarily work for renovation of routes in Antalya. Then I try to help my bolter friends on their routes and bolt new lines by myself.  Until now I have bolted around 20 lines and helped 30 routes.

As for climbing, I have always tried to climb different types of routes in different places. Two of the most beautiful routes in Geyikbayırı, Come As You Are and Rakı On The Rocks are also two of the best routes in my climbed list.