From the inside to the outdoors

From Gym to Rock Climbing

From Gym to Rock Climbing Course

This is the perfect course for gym climbers looking to start climbing on real rock.

Do you climb regularly in your local climbing gym but have yet to venture outdoors? Do you know a lot more about foot placement or conditioning than about knots or anchors?
We can help you make the transition from gym to rock with our From Gym to Rock course.

In the From Gym to Rock course we will introduce you to important factors for climbing outdoors as well as the differences between climbing indoors and outdoors.
Climbing safely outdoors requires an intimate understanding of the entire belay system, a strong background in knots, and an awareness of a few extra hazards, in addition to new techniques, such as finding holds, scouting a route, and figuring out where to rest.
Just because you’ve never been outdoors does not mean that you must take the Introduction to Rock Climbing course, and just because you lead climb indoors does not necessarily mean you’re ready to do technical leading outdoors. So this course might be the right thing for you!

You’ll get lots of time climbing, and our instructors will coach you on technique and help you have successful and fun days on the rock!


Depending on your prior knowledge and your available amount of time, we offer this course in three different versions:

  • Full course: 3 days, 5 hours per day
  • Express course: 2 days, 6 hours per day
  • Half-day course: 3 days, 3 hours per day

DAY 1 + 2 (3-6 hours each, see options above)

  • Lead belaying
  • Lead climbing
  • Correct use of sport climbing equipment
  • Threading anchors
  • Using a guide book
  • Climbing calls and communication
  • Basic movement skills
  • Basic understanding of outdoor risks
  • Building confidence

DAY 3 (3-6 hours)

  • Rock climbing 🙂


Number of people booking at the
same time/as a group
3 days (5 hours each) (full course)2 days (6 hours each) (express course)3 days (3 hours each) (half-day course)
1 person425,00 € p.p.300,00 € p.p.300,00 € p.p.
2 people300,00 € p.p.240,00 € p.p.240,00 € p.p.
3 people250,00 € p.p.220,00 € p.p.220,00 € p.p.
from 4 people200,00 € p.p.180,00 € p.p.180,00 € p.p.
All prices are per person and in Euro.

What’s included

Sunclimbing provides all the necessary climbing materials such as harnesses, ropes, express slings, belay devices and helmets. Climbing shoes can be rented on site if needed.

Of course we will share as much climbing knowledge with as you want. No question should remain unanswered and we will help you as much as we can.

We will take great climbing pictures of you and the group during the climbing day. At the end of the day these can be taken away as a souvenir.

What’s not included

Climbing shoes can be rented at Sunclimbing if needed.

Travel to Geyikbayiri (Antalya, Turkey) and to Sunclimbing must be organized by yourself. If you need help with the transfer let us know, we can help.

We can also offer a packed lunch at a price of 8,00 €. Please let us know when booking the course.

How to book

Please note: Our course calendar booking will be activated soon, until then please contact us directly for reservations or bookings.

Impressions of a Gym to Rock Climbing Day: